Lékařská angličtina

Lékařská angličtina

Dlouhodobě se specializujeme na překlady lékařských textů z češtiny do angličtiny. Respektujeme, že při zadání překladu více než 10 stran tohoto druhu budete požadovat zkušební překlad textu. Přijímáme i zakázky k dlouhodobým překladům.

Medical English translations for publication

I offer  Czech-English translation, checking and correction of medical texts and  medical reports. These high-quality translations are suitable for immediate publication without the need of third-party editing. 

Previous to teaching, I enjoyed an eight-year career in Britain as a Quality Manager in a company which produced micro-surgical instruments. This work included detailed analysis of prototype instruments using videos of procedures and consultation with surgeons. This lead to the continuous development of our product design and improvement of the range of instruments already in production.

Bearing in mind the specialist nature of all medical branches it is essential to work in close co-operation with the original authors of medical texts. So far, I have worked successfully in fields such as:
pharmaceutical technology
genetic tests
various surgical techniques including radiofrequency ablation liver resection
detection and identification of hemorrhagic viruses using real-time RT-PCR
pregnancy-associated hypertensive choroidopathy
retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

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