Výsledky testů

Výsledky testů

Cvičení 1 - mírně pokročilí

  1. Do you speak English?
    Can you speak English?
  2. He can ride a bicykle.
  3. My children  are not /aren´t/ at home.
  4. My friends were in the mountains on Sunday.
    My friend was in the mountains on Sunday.
  5. Her husband  listened to the radio when he came back from work yesterday.
  6. It is not /it isn´t, it´s not/ raining at the moment.
  7. I bought a nice camera a week ago.
  8. He likes swimming and reading books.
    He likes to swim and read books.
  9. He must study hard.
  10. Look! His car is standing in front of our garage.

Cvičení 2 - středně pokročilí

The man is sad because the doctor gave him only ten pills. The man thinks ten pills mean only ten days of his life and then he will die.

Cvičení 3 - pokročilí

  1. came
  2. had been waiting
  3. questioning
  4. told
  5. had been doing / did
  6. is she like
  7. like

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